A Tale of Perfect Precision

Hiralal L. Vishwakarma and Manjusha A. Shresth, Founder Directors,Traansformation Design Studio designs an exclusive office for a pharmaceutical company

In a short span of four months, this expansive 3000 sq. ft. project was converted into an exclusive office space. With more than 12 years of Pure Passion in the field, Hiralal L. Vishwakarma and Manjusha A. Shresth run by a simple design philosophy, ‘Transform lives by changing Lifestyles’. Traansformation Design Studio, with their experienced associates guides you through the design and decision-making processes, providing consultation, supervision and thorough follow-up to ensure outstanding results. Their recent project, Jay Precision Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a dedication to provide exceptional interior design services to their clients with their team of best artisans. “The client gave us the flexibility to explore and experiment with different materials and colours. So it was a very enthralling and rejuvenating experience for our team. We employed different ideas and concepts in all the areas to give our clients a taste of the best” said the Designer.

Converting the space crowded by huge columns and beams was a challenge to the duo. “It was definitely difficult but not impossible to find measures to deal with the beams almost killing the height of the space. We devised measures with perfect planning to achieve a balanced, spacious and modern office space, loved by one and all. Different ceiling materials and intricate designs had to be used to cover the beams in sync with the MEP services. Other challenges were the large windows because of which we had to plan all the storages horizontally,” adding to the same, Manjusha commented, “There were many issues that needed to be addressed in relation to the scale and proportion of the raw site. Many design remedies were incorporated to make the space look larger. The focus was towards creating a modern ambience which percolated eternal bliss and yet be dynamic at the same time. Careful selection of exact materials and perfect application led to the success of this project.”

“Every site is a distinct and wonderful journey in itself. It is not only about what as designers we wish to create, but it is majorly about what our clients want from us. Our sole motive is that our client should experience peace in the ambience created for them & they should be able to enjoy it each single day timelessly.”


Surrounded by a simple and clutter free layout, the entrance resembles harmony and a peaceful ambience. The entrance is a culmination of white statuario digital tiles with artificial green grass leading towards the reception area. The entrance and reception area are designed in sync with each other. The wooden laminated planks in the ceiling with the wooden finish tiles in the floor created the required drama with serenity. Many outdoor plants at the entrance helped to create a bond between the inside and outside interiors. Glass sensor door of Dorma have been installed which makes it appear seamless.

The Grand Reception is all dressed to embrace and greet the visitors with refreshing green hues and the Reception table is unique in shape with sturdy white statuario marble finish laminate. The MDF panels painted with luster paint and artificial grass forms the backdrop of the reception. Intricate details, warm lights, cozy sofa seating, geometrical patterns form a part of this welcoming area.

The compact meeting room is made spacious by using white lamination and horizontal grooves on wall panels. The storage unit has ample storage and appears to be a part of the wall panelling and a small niche in yellow adds to the beauty of it. The table top in wood tones sets the look of the room while the base fabricated in mirror makes it look cantilevered. “As per the clients requirements all the furnitures are custom made at site and hand crafted meticulously to acquire the desired results. Different materials like wood veneer, exclusive laminates, mirror, back painted glass were used to fabricate marine plywood .Ebco and Enox fittings were used exhaustively in furniture and glass door respectively,” adds the designer.


A conference room comprising of 22 seaters is well placed. Workstations stand parallel to the same. The workstation area is adorable with its white and gray combination with splashes of interesting shades of blue, green and yellow. The furniture’s are vibrant and exude energy and life inspired and function focused. Few old school details have been followed according to the norms of the Institution but they have been able to shadow it with their design sensibilities. Comfortable and ergonomically appropriate chairs have been installed in all the areas. The Managing Director and Manager Cabin are placed next to each other.

The office is a balanced combination of pure lines, clear spaces and vibrant colours. Not all corners of the space are over glorified. Stunningly shaped table is placed at the reception area with white hues and geometrical patterns have been used as an integral part of the design concept. Each cabin has its own sanctity and story. The walls and ceiling has been ornamented with wooden textures in conference room and main passage respectively. The workstation areas are created to infuse interest and creativity and boost productivity with functionality. Shades of green, yellow and blue have been used in the comfortable office chairs and soft board has been made playful with tilted lines. Even the storages are made to complement with the workstations. The white and gray storages have been made interesting by the addition of blue niches and artifacts. The colour selections are striking and soothing at the same time. The UPS room, compactor room and server room are also a part of the planned office space.

Customized paintings, beautiful vases with mesmerizing colourful flowers and thoughtful accessories were specially selected for the different sections of the office. A beautiful Buddha head added to the calmness of the meeting room while other artifacts complemented the spaces. In order to avoid maintenance issues, they had to introduce artificial plants in the dedicated areas. Work space area feature wall is adorned with inspirational quotes. Each artifact selected has its own significance and importance.


Project Details

  • Type of Project:- Commercial
  • Project name:- Jay Precision Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
  • Architects Name:- Hiralal Vishwakarma & Manjusha Shresth
  • Firms’ Name:- Traansformation Design Studio
  • Photo Courtesy:- Rahul Pawar
  • Text Courtesy:- Harsha Masand


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