• Price: On request
    Rustic Look
    This new Natural Oiled Engineered Wood flooring collection by Span Floors is definitely something that could instantly lift up the feel and finish quotient of your home. What makes it exceptional is its natural charm and texture, giving it a very rustic yet a modish look. To add to the looks, it’s the durability factor that makes it the best choice as it withstands & sustains the harsh conditions.
  • Price: On request
    The finest craftsmanship
    Being a live display of products, the built quality is state of the art, pushing forward the legacy and lineage of A Class Marble. The collections Signature and Pristine are a one of a kind, luxurious and elegant appealing marble collections which exude natural beauty and finest craftsmanship.
  • Price: On request
    Chic and Sustainable
    Furniture and Interior Designer Neeta Kumar’s design studio Inhabit launches Deconstructed Collection that is chic, sustainable and replete with character. Known for her individualistic style highlighted by much drama, vibrant colours, diverse materials and happy fusions, the new line is another expression of her personality.
  • Price: On request
    MADS Creations’ monologue to the classic elegant entrance foyer evokes a grandeur at the first step inside a property. The sleek accessorized console holds to the enhanced wall with the curved edges made in teak wood and finished surface in deep brown polish. The shiny surfaces of the space is adorned with sagwan teak knotted in stunning beige accent chair fabric.
  • Price: On request
    Inspired by the Bygone Era
    Luxury interiors and furniture brand Beyond Designs introduces a collection cutwork crystal lights that will illuminate your home with a new vintage charm and classic style. While the designs are inspired by the bygone era, the way they are conceived makes them suitable for any set-up. After all it is the era of eclectic décor.
  • Price: Rs. 1400/-
    Deep Dive Denim
    SPACES brings to you an Occasions range which is a truly timeless and exquisite collection of designs, embellished with perfectly styled patterns and vibrant hues, which gives your home a festive makeover. The Youthopia collection in denim print is teenager style carpet weaved with nylon.
  • Price: On request
    The Renaissance Allegory
    Sans Souci draws on the experiences of past generations of glass-makers, with the quality of work defined by the purely Czech origin of their products. This Renaissance allegory based on the lush growth of spring and the burgeoning fertility influenced Krišica to develop a design that speaks of the wind of early spring blowing on the land, bringing forth flowers and chasing away the last clouds before summer.
  • Price: On request
    The Modern Tweak
    Stonex India’s range will add an edge, the modern tweak with the depth, imparting your interiors a completely new entity of its own and at the same time mingling into the hues & colours of your house like part and parcel, creating a luxuriating haven.
  • Price: Rs. 16000/-
    Traditional And Unique
    UZBEK, by Baro is not only super-comfortable but also stunning covered in a vintage Suzani from Uzbekistan. Suzanis are hand stitched cloths with special needlework that are traditionally made by brides as part of their dowries, in Uzbekistan and some of the countries in Central Asia. This stool is therefore a unique piece, as each is unique.
  • Price: On request
    At Leisure
    With GRAFF’s latest M-series collection, it’s now possible to own the pleasure of a luxury wellness space even in a private apartment. The M-Series is different from other systems currently available on the market that provide either a thermostatic with a diverter with shut-off valves. It is a modular concealed system that offers new solutions for the shower area along with neat and efficient installations.
  • Price: On request
    Carved and molded
    This season, lifestyle brand Studio Malabar brings to your their latest brass-ware collection - Brass Collection. Carved and molded in brass, these ornamental pieces can add an imperial touch to your home.
  • Price: On request
    Take a Chill Pill!!!
    Be it early morning coffee, late afternoon tea, all-day lounging or moonlight barbecues, your garden or verandah is transformed into a relaxation zone, where one can enjoy the cool breezes blowing during the season. In fact, ABACA’s latest intimate seating arrangements will make your open living space chic and comfortable.
  • Price: Rs. 500/-
    Sketch it!
    The quirky print and vibrant colours by The Finishing Touch make this piece absolutely essential for your favourite corner. The pencil cover is a perfect blend for any space be it a children's area, den space or your cosy bedroom. Digitally printed on jute fabric, well finished with a zipper for convenience, this cover will add the right amount of colour in your space.
  • Price: Rs. 3200/-
    On the bucket list
    It is time to raise a toast to perfect bar essentials. Add pizzazz to the party season with exclusive bar accessories from Bring it Home. With its perfect proportions, smart handles and a beautiful knob on the lid, this ice bucket is a stunner. With a stylish ice scoop that can be hung on a hook attached to the bucket, this is an absolute bar essential.
  • Price: Rs. 25000/-
    Getting deserted!!!
    Desert bowl with plate and spoon by SR Artefacts, a combination of repose and chasing are used to create a leaf design with is followed all through. A contemporary service idea for ice creams or India desserts.
  • Price: On request
    Around the world with threads
    Vibrant designs in sophisticated colour pallets that create a global, well-traveled story. Fantasia fabrics by Vaya Homes take you on a blossoming journey of ikats, joyful embroidery stripes, variegated silk paisleys, and floral prints. With inspiration ranging from the gardens of Italy to the ink art of Japan, Native American heritage and Greek myth, Fantasia is a collection of adventure, of travel and exploration. It brings home experiences from around the world through colour, texture, and interesting fabric effects.
  • Price: Rs. 10500/-
    Go with the flow
    The Ocean Enchanted, Nilaya by Asian Paints Wallpaper splendid with glowing colours, delicate floating sea creatures create a wavy, jewel bright design. Team with complementary accessories or use alone letting the pattern do all the talking. Select from a duet of shades for fiery red on ultramarine or sea green.
  • Price: Rs. 25390/-
    All that glitters is gold
    If you are fond of Victorian style, then this mirror by Vaishnavipratima offers you a stylish option to look at. The Gothic carvings and structure in gold leaf finish will be the lime light in any décor.


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