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"Dhoop began in 2003 in Mumbai, not really as a business plan, but as a 300 sq. ft. treasure box for Aradhana Nagpal. It would be her space to bring together all the things she found beautiful and precious. This included handmade ceramic coffee mugs from studio potters in Pondicherry, tea baskets from Nagaland, tribal necklaces, and even a weaver bird’s nest from her friend's backyard. Started in August 2003, DHOOP offers curated craft and design from India. It is an Ethnic mélange of hand crafted products made in regions as diverse as Nagaland in the North-East, Kashmir in the north, and Kerala in the South. Dhoop’s roots are based in age-old Indian craft and culture, with the goal to blend urban taste and ethnic aesthetic. The sensibility is that of handmade, natural, and preferably recyclable materials; the charm of irregular lines and nature’s bounty of textures, but in clean, distinctly shabby-chic, ‘happy’ packaging. The product selection is varied, ranging from lovingly crafted décor accents and wearables, innovative lighting and furniture, to natural and pure aroma oils and candles, handmade bath products and incense, hand painted enemalware, and hand beaten copperware in pristine geometric beauty. Be it a little clay slipper as a fridge magnet, a natural fibre lamp, a tribal bamboo toy, a stunning stone Budhha, or a natural bark table…each piece has a story. Our clients often refer to the store as a space that feels like “one is wandering into a treasure trove of culture”."

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Birdie Jug
Rs. 1,650
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Mayuri Blue Tumbler
Rs. 450
Feeling Blue Salad Bowl
Rs. 1,250

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