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Clocks. Our trusted companion since time immemorial. Don't be fooled by their delicate mechanism. They serve a much greater purpose than the simple act of time keeping. Today, the choice of clock defines a person. How a person perceives time is articulately portrayed in their choice of clocks. After all, every one of us has a unique way of seeing and perceiving time. Some like to kill time. Some like to save time. Some choose to race against time, while some prefer to take their sweet time. It's fascinating to note that this untapped ability of being able to convey every mood and every emotion makes clocks even more relevant in today's digital age. And with a vision to cater to these myriad moods & emotions, JFC was born.

Year of Establishment





Haoshi Goldfish Clock Goodluck Nonstop
Rs. 14,899
Haoshi Ltd Edition Goldfish Wall Clock
Rs. 23,499
HAoshi Migrantbird X CLOCK - C Form
Rs. 13,749
Haoshi Migrantbird X CLOCK - V Form
Rs. 13,749
1 Saves
Haoshi Sparrow Clock
Rs. 11,549
1 Saves
Haoshi Swallow Clock for Luck and Hope
Rs. 12,499
Haoshi Tree Cuckoo Clock
Rs. 14,899
Haoshi Night Glow Cat Moon Clock
Rs. 10,999
1 Saves
Haoshi Night Glow Owl Moon Clock
Rs. 10,999
Haoshi Night Glow Raven Moon Clock
Rs. 10,999
Haoshi Night Glow Wolf Moon Clock
Rs. 10,999
Kiaros Airplane Desktop Flip Clock - Green
Rs. 8,699
Kairos Antique Bell The Seat Gear
Rs. 11,799
Kairos Automobile Flip Table Clock - Red
Rs. 7,999
Kairos Black Bezel Clock Black
Rs. 10,749
Kairos Bezel Clock Silver
Rs. 10,749
2 Saves
Kairos Book Clock
Rs. 2,049
Kairos Brain Gear Clock
Rs. 5,749
1 Saves
Kairos Butterfly Round Clock - Pink
Rs. 5,049
Kairos Classic Clock
Rs. 2,499
Kairos Cycling Flip Clock
Rs. 5,149
Kairos Dot at Seven
Rs. 8,249
Kairos Equation Geek Clock
Rs. 2,399
2 Saves
Kairos Family Album Wall Clock Black
Rs. 2,299
2 Saves
Kairos Family Album Wall Clock White
Rs. 2,299
Kairos Frequent Flyers Wall Clock
Rs. 10,199
Kairos Frying Pan Wall Clock
Rs. 1,349
Kairos Gear Car Retro Table Clock
Rs. 9,149
Kairos Giant Wall Flip Clock Black
Rs. 9,749
Kairos Giant Wall Flip Clock Brown
Rs. 9,749
Kairos Half Gear Circle Clock - White
Rs. 11,999
Kairos Half Gear Clock - Black
Rs. 11,999
Kairos Key Gear Clock
Rs. 5,149
1 Saves
Kairos Kitchen Utensils Wall Clock
Rs. 2,199
Kairos London Vintage Number Clock
Rs. 7,549
Kairos Long Pendulum Clock Flip Black
Rs. 10,299
Kairos Long Pendulum Clock Flip Yellow
Rs. 10,299
Kairos Math Equation Wall Clock
Rs. 2,499
Kaiors Movie Director Alarm Table Clock
Rs. 9,499
Kairos Pendulum Souvenir World Wall Clock
Rs. 11,899
Kairos Single Eye Gear Clock
Rs. 8,599
Kairos Telescopic Retro Flip Down Clock
Rs. 8,699
Kairos Wood Cube LED Clock
Rs. 1,849
Kairos Wood LED Rectangle Clock
Rs. 3,799
Kairos Wood Polygon LED Alarm Clock - Black
Rs. 2,999
Kairos Wood Polygon LED Alarm Clock - White
Rs. 2,999
Kairos You Are Tea-Rrific Clock
Rs. 7,099
Karlsson 12/6 White Wall Clock
Rs. 2,599
Karlsson 12/6 Wall Clock
Rs. 2,799
Karlsson Alarm Clock Minimal
Rs. 2,049
Karlsson Big 12 Clock
Rs. 2,399
Karlsson - Big 9 Black Wall Clock
Rs. 2,649
Karlsson - Big Diamond Clock
Rs. 9,549
Karlsson - Bold Engraved Clock
Rs. 3,099
Karlsson - Ceramic Dot - Grey
Rs. 2,399
Karlsson - Ceramic Dot - Orange
Rs. 2,399
Karlsson - Ceramic Dot - White
Rs. 2,399
Karlsson - Ceramic Dot - Yellow
Rs. 2,399

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